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Adding a Person in FamilySearch

Lesson: Workshop on how to add a person in FamilySearch

What beautiful day today. Hope you allergies are doing better than mine. :).

Today Julie taught us how to enter in a person, how to search for resources, how to add resources to the individuals, and how to switch on the watch button.

Adding a Person.
  1. How to add a person in Family Search. You can enter a person from many avenues in Family search. But, for the purpose of the basic adding a person, we shall assume it is a brand new person. First you must log into Family search.
  2. Next go to the person you want Family Tree. In the class example, Julie when to Pharis Aaron Marble, one of our relatives who was already in. She wanted to add some children. She opened the file up and found that Pharis and his wife, Bertha May Starrett had only one child listed. Julie knew that more children.
  3. As you clicked on Pharis Aaron Marble, you see that he has Chester Marble already entered in as a child. Down below the Pharis's name, you see “+Add Child”. Click on “+Add Child”.
  4. Next comes up a page for adding a person, or Finding for a person. (Note at the top is the statement “Go to: Previous Page”. If you need to go back to the family group sheet on the previous page, click on that.) The default tab will always be Finding a Person. Now Enter in the information on the person you want to add under Finding a Person. We will enter in Edmund Pierce Marble born 19 Aug 1897. When we are through, press Find. (Remember, at this stage you will only be searching for a person that is already in Family Tree.) Our results came back that there was no such person.
  5. No you could go back to the previous page, add a child under Pharis at the bottom of the family group sheet. You come back to the original Add or Find a Person, click on Add a Person tab, and input the information. However, the church strongly encourages that you go and find this person on one source, such as a census before the enter him or her into the family. Now we shall proceed to the next section on Searching for a person.

Searching for a Resouces on a Person on Family Search

  1. Continuing on from the above, we couldn't find any Edmund Marble, son of Pharis Aaron Marble and Bertha May Starrett in Family Tree. So now we go out and search for him. First we back to the Family Group page of Pharis Aaron Marble and Bertha May Starrett. Over on the right column toward to the top of the page is a section on Reseach Help. Inside the section you will see a magnifying glass with the words Search Records. Click on the Search Records. In most browsers will start a new tab to show the search results.
  2. At the top of the Search Results you will see two tabs: Records and Collections. Records show you the results of all the records that came up in all of the collections. Collections show you from what collections the records came from: these would include census records, death records, etc. The default screen will be in the Records tab. As you look down the records tabs you find:

From here you see there are many records in which the father has possibly been found. We want to choose Unites States Census 1910, since that his the closest to Edmund's birth date of 1897. Click on Pharis Marble over the 1910 Census. Below is the results of you selection.
Now you are asking yourself, but where is Edmund. Well, you check your records and find that his name is Edmund Pierce Marble. With a little amt of math, you realize that Pierce (Edmund) is in the right age range. (1910 – 12 years = 1898 years) He was born in 1897. When using Census records you have to accept that the age will be about + or – 1 year off sometimes.
Now you have a positive source. Up in the right hand corner where it says Sources: you would normally see “Attach to Family Tree”. (Since this letter was done after the attachment was done, it states to View in Family tree. This means that this resource is already been connected to Pharis Aaron Marble. But the dialogue box with an unattached source looks like the example below.) Once you connect to Attach to Family Tree, then this source is placed in Pharis's family group.

They have a whole new dialogue in the attach program with that will walk you through everyone that is in the file. For example, all of the children listed on the census can have that US Census source attached to their person as a source.
Using the Watch Button.

On Family Search under the Persons View:

So you can monitor if anyone is adding/changing the file you just got through updating/adding, you can click the Watch word. When you do this, the star become filled in, and the word changes to Unwatch. This is now activated, so if anyone does alter this file, you will be sent a email on who had done it. You then can communicate with them of why they did this, and what sources they had to make the change. This is why the Church wants us to document all persons with sources. The one with the sources is the one that the Church will give preference. If there are any problems, please contact your Family History Consultant who can assist you with getting any issues resolved.

To remove the Watch status, just click on the Unwatch, and it stops any notifications.

Tip of the Week:
In my job, I deal a lot with both LDS and non LDS folks. I have found that many people are wanting assistance with family history to preserve their heritage. This a great time to make new friends, and maybe have the opportunity to preach the Gospel. Remember:
D&C 84:76,77
  1. But, verily I say unto all those to whom the Kingdom has been given-from you it must be preached unto them...
  2. And again I say unto you, my friends, for from henceforth I shall call you friends, it is expedient that that I give you this command that ye become even as my friends in days when I was with them, traveling to preach the gospel in my power;

Quote of the day: Those that seek to do the work will find that the work will be led to them.

Next week will be a workshop. Please bring one ancestor's information to put into Family search, if you have one, as well as your laptops.

If you are having any problems, or questions, please call or email us. We are happy to set up a time and place to meet with you in your homes to help you with any problems.

Also, please let me know what you think of the newsletter, and any thing you would like to see added.


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